The Legacy

     Playfully dancing alongside the footsteps of her grandparents, Mark and Nani Wilson, pioneers in magic on television, world renowned illusionists, primary producers, directors, and performers of many tv spots and specials, the most infamous of them being The Magic Land of Allakazam. Sean brings her own flair for the wonders of human potential and mystery to the performance arts.

     Raised in a midwest show town behind the scenes, she has been influenced by productions of acrobats, illusions, and circus. Inspiring her to pursue art forms she's shared on tour and in many theaters in cities all over the United States, and mesmerized the hearts and minds of many. 

      Throughout the years Sean has been working hard to develop her own artistic voice and make sure she stands out in the entertainment scene. Performances are guaranteed a good time and are modified for all ages and venues. Currently for daily performances, special events, and festivals. She's worked with many companies, groups, and magic productions;
*Member of the first Electric Forest Hoop Troupe in Rothbury, MI
*Assisted multiple acts on America's Got Talent in St. Louis and Las Vegas
*Appeared in multiple stage shows in Branson, MO
*Toured with illusion shows to universities and large theaters across the States
*Made appearances in performances at The Magic Castle in Hollywood
*Showcased in large corporate events in major cities like Atlanta, and NBC Universal Studios in Los Angeles 
With a background in entertainment behind the scenes and a drive to enrich the history and legacy of magic and performance arts.


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